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DE&I Leadership Startrer

Assessment & Dialogue Tool


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Whether you're starting out in a new Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) role, developing a new DE&I department, or looking to do a DE&I "Reset", I created this discussion starter tool and leadership assessment just for you! Click on the PDF to view the full instructions and feel free to contact me if you'd like to learn more at

Rethinking Organizational DEI_Overview and Chapter 1_Brendel
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DE&I efforts are only likely to succeed when they address three levels of the organization: the individual level (learning and motivation), the team level (inclusion and socialization), and the organizational level (equity and strategic integration). This workshop covers all three and provides the skill-sets and diagnostic approaches to develop and sustain practical and authentic DE&I. First, this workshop facilitates the individual development of a reflective practice, a continuous process of introspection around our own unique perspectives, motivations, and areas of growth. Participants are then facilitated through a process of uncovering, integrating, and benefiting from their common bonds and unique differences. Participants learn how to diagnose, provide feedback, guide dialogue, and suggest DE&I interventions to the organization.

All employees, teams, and organizations exhibit bias, a term that refers to a preference for or against a thing, person, or group compared with another. Sometimes we are aware of our biases, but a surprising number of the decisions we make at work are motivated by biases outside of our direct awareness. Unconscious biases are conditioned through life’s hidden curriculum as we pick up emotionally charged pieces of information during our upbringing, through everyday experiences, while watching the news, and scrolling through social media. These biases are harmful because they can produce innumerable organizational inequities for traditionally marginalized populations. This workshop will introduce you to an Organization Development approach that can transform unconscious biases across all levels of the organization, including individuals, teams, and the organization itself.

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