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Transforming your organization's strategy, design, leaders, and culture can be exciting! It also comes with its fair share of anxiety. This type of change calls for a transparent, inclusive, and psychologically safe approach. It also requires the active development of new mindsets, skills, and relationships across the entire system.


Dr. Bill Brendel's consulting framework draws upon over 20 years of consulting expertise and knowledge of organizational psychology, leadership, and adult learning.

Bill makes consulting engagements easy by helping you diagnose, discuss, and address your specific needs. Depending on the scope of work, he may play one or more of the following roles to ensure a successful engagement!

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  1. Facilitating the Development of a High-Quality Strategic Plan

    Bill can help you develop a high-quality and widely understood strategic plan, which integrates drivers of innovation across your organization’s existing structures, systems, culture, talent, management practices, and leadership behaviors.

  2. Harnessing Employee Motivation, Ideas, and Consensus

    Bill can also help you systematically inspire your employees and gain critical buy-in by involving them in the process and dovetailing with your organization’s existing strategic initiatives and projects. Organization Development (OD) is a systematic, consultative approach that helps organizations develop and align structures, systems, culture, and talent for increased performance, marked by innovation, agility, and employee engagement. OD values participation, choice, openness, and learning.

  3. Applying Cutting Edge Frameworks & Tools

    Bill continues to develop a wide array of frameworks and tools, and has an entire constellation of tested approaches to organizational change and can flexibly apply the right ones at the right times. This makes it possible to expedite innovation, remove hurdles, develop efficiencies, and cultivate engagement. Some of the more exciting indicators of success that clients enjoy - before the strategic plan is ready to launch - include the ability to:

  • Attract, retain, and develop employees with innovative and inclusive competencies
  • Develop leaders who model, support, and inspire creativity amongst employees

  • Stimulate and reward breakthrough solutions to internal processes and external services

  • Keep your stakeholders pleasantly surprised!

If you are interested in learning more about Bill's approach (process, deliverables, and organizational impact) and to discuss client cases that resemble yours, feel free to email Here is a list of just some the more recognizable organizations Bill has served.

Client Case Studies

Explore this selection of client cases to see if Bill's solutions are right for you.


Saving Lives through Process Improvement

Client: Large Federal Government Organization 

Challenge: Infectious disease research units, networked throughout Africa, needed to find new ways to identify, communicate and stop the spread of deadly diseases such as Ebola.

Outcome: Research units were facilitated in developing a new protocol for rapid knowledge creation and sharing, which broke down psychological power-barriers between field researchers and lead scientists.

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Busy Office

Cultivating a Harassment-free Workplace through
a Team-based Approach

Client: Medium Sized Technology Supply Organization

Challenge: Despite significant investments into sexual harassment training year over year, senior leaders struggled to reduce regular incidents of harassment and associated costs including psychological harm, attrition, and absenteeism.

Outcome: Employees took the difficulty out of being a bystander by developing a proactive team approach to cultivating a harassment free culture. Teams also developed phrases that made reporting easier for those who have never witnessed harassment before..

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Formal Boxing

Developing Cross-institutional Objectives and Managing Personal Agendas

Client: Large Non-Profit


Challenge: Develop a new set of expectations and reporting structures that would reduce political end-runs, lack of commitment and accountability and mixed messages from the CEO.

Outcome: Executives developed a system that supports free, full and iterative dialogue around the alignment of vision, strategy, culture, and performance; where leaders enter communication with an open mindset; share divergent perspectives; reflect critically utilizing shared frameworks, engage in an inclusive fashion; and appreciate individual differences.

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Brainstorm to Success

Busting Bureaucracy to save Money, Time, and Top Talent

Client: Large Non-Profit

Challenge: After years of layoffs and restructurings, this organization had to address low morale by adopting an appropriate system that empowers sets of emerging leaders to identify and eliminate antiquated processes, technology and decision making norms.

Outcome: 194% Return on Investment; Savings of over 80 work weeks of unnecessary processes. Year over year savings of $53,872.

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Brainstorming Session

Enabling Innovation through a Teams-based Approach

Client: Medium Sized University

Challenge: As a new leader enters a culture marked by decades of strict leadership styles, unforgiving of mistakes and  protective of agendas, he hoped to encourage the sharing and testing of new ideas from the bottom up. This would also require a change in mindset from being reactive to proactively developing solutions for internal clients.

Outcome: Teams implemented and refined a holistic system that encouraged and protected innovative behaviors. The system included a new rewards system and performance review questions; mechanisms for capturing ideas, a recognition program, a resources repository available to all, a newly designed office space, and mechanisms for safe feedback.

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Cargo Container

Developing an Innovative Method for Creative Engagement between the Red Tape

Client: Large Government Agency

Challenge: Numerous Federal Agencies came together to cultivate and implement new ways of being creative and engaging in a government workplaces that are typically burdened with time-consuming approval systems, initiative protocols, and a culture that encourages employees to conduct work that fits squarely within their job description and pay-grade.

Outcome: Statistically significant improvements to traditionally low scoring items on the Federal Employee Viewpoint survey through  higher levels of organizational citizenship and  of creative efficacy. Attendees developed personal action plans for bringing their insights about being creative

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Nurse And Patient

A Team-based approach to Improving Bedside Manner and Patient Satisfaction

Client: Large Urban Hospital

Challenge: Each year this hospital worked to improve its patient satisfaction scores, until the point where it started to become difficult to outdo their own improvements.

Outcome: By examining low scoring items on nurse opinion survey scores, it was determined that by improving relationships with their supervisors, marked improvements in patient satisfaction would follow. This shift led to improvements in US News and World Report Scores for top hospitals.

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Female Lecturer

A Team-based approach to Improving Teaching, Research, Service, and Professor Job Satisfaction

Client: Medium Sized University

Challenge: Professors who wish to achieve tenure must balance productivity in research and service while also collaborating with colleagues and earning high teaching scores. High levels of stress associated with these demands often yield less than optimal results. They can also harm a professor's sense of enthusiasm toward the job.

Outcome: Participants generated and committed to 26 novel methods for integrating mindfulness practice with teaching, research, and service. These practices grouped into four areas, including: mindful grading and assessment, awareness of students in the classroom, practicing mindfulness, and cultivating self-awareness in teaching.

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Volunteer Opportunities

A Teams-based Approach to developing Transformative School Systems in 7 Cities & 145 Teachers across India

Client: Large Student Achievement Organization

Challenge: India is purported to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and with an infrastructure that cannot keep up with its population, education is key to sustainability. Teachers are often secluded in the classroom environment, and lack effective protocols for engaging in critical reflection with fellow teachers. Despite research in the US that shows a link between teacher collaboration and student achievement, this concept had not yet been approached in India.

Outcome: Private schools in seven different cities customized their own approaches for teacher collaboration with buy-in from headmasters, while also discovering new opportunities for individual growth. This experience is reported to have had a positive impact on student achievement.

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