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Dr. Brendel continues to facilitate the co-creation and cross-pollination of OD innovations on a global scale. He systematically captures and shares fresh theory-to-practice insights uncovered by diverse clientele, students, and colleagues throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the U.S. This inspires many of his scholarly publications on novel OD approaches, including his co-edited, three-volume anthology detailing innovative practices of 58 OD practitioners in locations worldwide. This collection is now part of OD syllabi at the University of Minnesota, Algoma University, Drexel University, Stonybrook University, and Penn State. Bill has also published case research detailing the approach of Mindfulness-Based OD consultants in Venezuela, Germany, and Great Britain. He has brought graduate classes to practice consulting across India and China and integrates emerging international trends in OD courses at Texas A&M, Temple University, the University of St Thomas, and Penn State.  Bill also developed an Open-Source OD platform, where scholars and practitioners can collaboratively prototype and share original OD applications. This system is described in his upcoming article by the same name, co-authored with students, in the OD Review.

Additionally, Bill authors a variety of LinkedIn articles on recent OD developments and applications, including COVID 19 and the Vital Role of ODAn Anatomy of OD, and How OD is transforming DE&I. He recently launched a new series, From Towers to Trenches, which bridges OD theory with his own real-world client cases in healthcare, education, technology, and government. To date, Bill’s social media articles, live streams, and videos on OD have garnered over 220,000views. Bill also developed a Virtual Reality learning solution that will immerse worldwide participants in real-time, scenario-based OD consulting simulations. This earned him the Innovations that Inspire Award from AACSB, an accrediting body for business schools. Bill also advised the governor of Minnesota’s Blue Ribbon Council on IT regarding the way technology may be leveraged to share breakthrough ideas across state government.

Bill has also effectively articulated the relevance of OD to the public. During the Harvey Weinstein scandal, he was interviewed by Variety Magazine for his analysis on transforming corporate complicity through leadership and organizational culture. He has also been interviewed by Hewlett Packard Insights for his views on hiring ethics officers who have OD competencies. He has also published articles in the Star Tribune including titles such as To Foster Innovation, your Organization Needs a Promotional Focus, and Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Can Help Improve Business Leadership, and To Attract Workforce of the Future, Make your Company a Cause.

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