Whitepaper: Transforming States into Learning Organizations

State agencies often lack the bandwidth, resources, freedom, and consistency in leadership to keep up with the rapid pace of change in its many forms: societal, political, technological, epidemiological, and intergenerational. To remain relevant and effective, state governments must develop systems, capacities, and mindsets that enable agencies to continuously learn and innovate. The following whitepaper discusses what it takes to transform states into Learning Organizations. Dr. Brendel covers the essentials for getting started with determining the best way to transform your state into a learning organization.

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1. How Learning Drives Performance

2. What is a Learning Organization?

3. Five Organizational Learning Disciplines

4. Launching a Learning Organization

5. Integrating Frameworks &Approaches

6. .Developing a Culture of Learning

7. Establishing Performance Measures

8. Institutionalizing Reward Systems

9. Choosing Technology

10. Research on Government Learning Organizations

11. Research on IT Support for Government Learning

12. Learning from Government Innovation Failures

Transforming States into Learning Organi
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