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Cultivating a Mindful Workplace

Your Organization needs this Workshop!

A return on investment for culture transformation efforts is estimated to range between $60,000 - $100,000+, due primarily to turnover savings based on conservative estimates (40% replacement costs/80% overall cost); includes unemployment, COBRA administration, lost productivity, hiring a replacement, orientation, and training.


A more mindful workplace, which includes the collective ability to practice mindfulness and align deep values (such as inclusion) with behaviors has numerous researched benefits to an organization's culture and performance. In a recent study conducted by Dr. Brendel and associates, when compared with a control group, those who practiced mindfulness for 45 minutes each week (an average lunch break) for eight weeks, experienced an increase in mindsets associated with reduced misunderstanding and conflict, and increased performance and leadership capacity. Among many others, these mindsets included: Gratitude, Creativity, Tendency to Forgive, and Growth Mindset.

2.5 hour and 1/2 day options available
in-person or Zoom


  • Practice multiple forms of mindfulness practice.

  • Learn the studied benefits of regular mindfulness practice at work.

  • Learn how to integrate mindfulness practice into routine spaces in the workplace, including meetings, presentations, and difficult discussions.​

Based on


Dr. William Brendel (Bill) earned his doctorate at Columbia University and for over 20 years has facilitated the strategic transformation of leaders, teams, and organizations. As founder and principal consultant for the Transformative Learning institute, Bill enjoys helping a wide variety of organizations around the world in locations such as the U.S., Africa, China, Korea, and India. ​In addition to consulting, Bill is also an Assistant Professor at Penn State University, where he teaches graduate courses to aspiring consultants. He has also taught in programs at Columbia University, Georgetown, Texas A&M, Temple University, and the University of St Thomas.

In 2021, Bill received the Lisa Kimball Evolving the Field of Organization Development Award, one of the field’s highest honors, for his outstanding accomplishments in connecting diverse people and ideas to advance OD theory and applications worldwide. He is a trustee on the board of the Organization Development Network and leads the Organization Development Education Association.​​ Bill also shares his knowledge of organization development practices through his publications in books, articles, blogs, and popular press. He is frequently interviewed about current events that pertain to organizational strategy and culture. In 2017, Bill was interviewed by Variety Magazine, for his views on corporate culture and complicity surrounding the Harvey Weinstein scandal. He has written frequently for the Star Tribune, and blogs on cutting-edge approaches to strategic transformation on LinkedIn. Dr. Brendel has consulted and trained leaders in the organizations listed below:

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Dr. Bill Brendel

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