Dr. Brendel created the Transformative Learning Institute to help organizations cultivate respectful, innovative, and high-performing workplaces. With a doctorate from Columbia University and 20 years of Organization Development  experience, Dr. Brendel brings a wealth of knowledge, tools and frameworks to his engagements, which focus on all aspects of organizations that influence performance. The TLi Model of Organizational Excellence,  is utilized to diagnose the health of your organization and recommend suitable interventions.


Dr. Brendel's projects range from small-scale change to large-scale transformation. His services include a period of discovery, baseline statistical analysis, strategic alignment interviews and focus groups, reflection sessions with senior and emerging leaders, and a comprehensive report of findings and suggested interventions. Upon request, Dr. Brendel can help you develop innovation teams comprised of emerging leaders who carry out and measure the outcomes of these interventions. He can also assist you in developing a dashboard that depicts your organization's health and its impact on performance. Explore our collection of client cases to learn more about how Dr. Brendel has facilitated discoveries that save time, money, top talent and lives.


At the close of each engagement, Dr. Brendel can correlate measurable changes in the organization with improvements to key performance indicators. His consulting model is designed to uncover opportunities at the intersection of culture and strategy and highlights levers in the organization (illustrated below) that can impact both employee satisfaction and performance.


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