Browse our workshops to find the series that best fits your needs. We are happy to customize the learning experience through interviews and surveys to better meet the unique needs and learning styles of your participants. Each workshop may be taken in a half-day, full day, or twp-day format. While half-day workshops are both customized and experiential, we find that our one to two-day workshops  provide participants with ample space to apply their learning to real opportunities and challenges at work. Our series are designed to address each component of the TLi Organization Development Framework, which seeks to increase organizational performance by improving culture, strategy, performance, learning, innovation and mindfulness.

Organizational Culture

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Planning for Culture Shock.png
Developing an Innovation Culture.png

Strategy & Performance

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Creating Strategic Clarity and Alignment
Adopting GE Workout.png

Learning & Innovation

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Launching a Learning Organization.png
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Transformative Leadership.png
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Mindful Leadership.png


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.png
Cultivating a Mindful Workplace.png
Addressing Compassion Fatigue.png

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