Transform your point of view



VirtuCase™ is a learning solution that stretches an individual's ability to reflect on how well their assumptions serve decision making in the heat of the moment. With each VirtuCase, learners are:

  • Faced with a real-life disorienting dilemma in Virtual Reality that shakes the foundation of their assumptions, and creates pause for deep introspection.

  • Guided in reflecting upon the validity of taken-for-granted assumptions.

  • Empowered to share perspectives, integrate new frameworks, and develop an appreciation for the overall complexity of organizational life


VirtuCase™ works by downloading the app and inserting into a VR device.
Google Cardboard ($14)

What would happen if you could drop into a 360° Virtual Reality leadership simulation with a cast of professional actors, all scripted from a classic case study? Also imagine that  every choice you make is met with larger-than-life consequences that require additional decisions?

Our ability to transform learners into leaders who are capable of adapting to complex situations is dependent upon how much we can expose them to real life challenges without jeopardizing their confidence. However, case studies and virtual reality are not enough for learning to be transformative in this way. To make this possible, we have integrated a complementary learning process that stretches a learner’s ability to reflect on how well their existing habits of mind serve decision making in the heat of the moment.

In the spirit of choose-your-own-adventure books, a simulation may be run several times yielding multiple outcomes. Any given simulation run-through can take between 10 – 15 minutes. Given that there are four avenues per case, total engagement time is approximately one hour.


  • Reflect in the midst of action

  • Remain flexible in ambiguous situations

  • Regulate emotion

  • Recognize non-verbal cues

  • Gain comfort with learning from mistakes

  • Act with greater confidence


  • Students who use VR score 27.4% better immediately after learning and 32.4%. better when tested again two weeks later.

  • Under-performing students score 15.8% better on average than the top students in the traditional environment.


  • MBA Programs

  • Company On-boarding

  • Leadership Development

  • Executive Coaching