COVID-19 and the Vital Role of Organization Development

There's no shortage of predictions about the way organizational life will change after COVID-19. Whether some of you will continue to enjoy (or endure) working from home is anyone's guess. What is clear from a management perspective is that coronavirus is a blistering indictment of bureaucratic thinking and design. Rigidly structured, risk-averse, and approval-laden organizations are collapsing under their own weight.

Unlike Black Swan events like 9/11, Fukashima, and Brexit, our current crisis was predictable. Yet only a few leaders had the prescience, means, and buy-in to prepare in advance. They took the long-view and invested time in scenario planning, creating budgetary space, cultivating a resilient and innovative culture, and developing a talent base capable of real-time strategic planning. For pandemic-era leaders, producing flexible systems and resilient organizational cultures is more than a good insurance policy. It is a moral obligation. In the grips of coronavirus, we now know why.

Read more in this recent LinkedIn article by Dr. Brendel

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