Integrate “Advances in Presencing” with your Course!

  • Challenge Conventional Wisdom

  • Infuse Timely Theory & Commentary

  • Bring Advanced Processes to Life

  • Practice Cutting Edge Facilitation Techniques

If you teach a graduate course in leadership, group dynamics, or organization development, this guide introduces four quick ways you can integrate Advances in Presencing with your syllabus. Learn more about how this series can inspire students who are just getting their feet wet or expanding their repertoire as leaders, change agents, or consultants!

If the ideas in this guide pique your interest, the series editors, Dr. Olen Gunnlaugson and Dr. William Brendel, are happy to talk more about course integration strategies. Contact us at or

Download the free Integration Guide!

How to Integrate Advances in Presencing
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Available at Amazon Volume I Volume II Volume III

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